Dimitri van den Wittenboer is an artist and researcher originally from Germany with Russian migration background currently based in Amsterdam. He has graduated from the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague (2019) with the specialisation in the participatory aspects of performance art. In the context of his artistic research MA program Performing Public Space (2020 - 2021) at the University for Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, he has addressed the question of ‘public life’ by practicing various ways to engage with passers-by in urban spaces in Amsterdam. The research generated a series of performances and workshops in public space dealing with the topic of encounters with passers-by: About You (2020), Relevant Stories (2020), Meet my Friend (2020). In 2021 the performative workshop Hello Stranger was presented at the We Are Here Festival at Gessneralle, Zurich (2021) and was part of the We Are Public Program in Amsterdam.

In 2021 Dimitri van den Wittenboer has received the Balconescenes Fund of Fonds Podium Kunsten, Netherlands for a participatory co-creation project Fireplace (2021) that employs the artistic tools of storytelling and singing to create reflective moments with passers-by in public space. The project was developed collectively with Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, Noah Voelker and Pankaj Tiwari.

Since 2020 Dimitri van den Wittenboer collaborates with the theatre maker Pankaj Tiwari with whom he explores the intersection of fine arts and theatre in participatory art practice. 

Their recent participatory project Neighbourhood of Commoning (2021) was developed in the context of the About Us! – Festival Zurich. The neighborhood project questioned the concept of private property by inviting citizens to open their private spaces for collective public activities.

In 2021 van den Wittenboer co-founded the international collective ‘Urge’ with four graduates from the MA program ‘Performing Public Space’: Anne Decker (DE), Ellie Bryce (BL), Rita Carmo Martins (PT) and Vittorio Campanella (IT). The collective explores artistic co-creation and focuses on the practice-led research of public space in different countries. Their long-term research project Nest addresses pubic life in the cities of their origin. 

Artist Statement 

I my work am interested in two main topics: public space as a realm of social gathering and a site for political action, and interactions among strangers as an encounter of differences. I explore these interests artistically through participatory performances and workshops in public space that challenge the established socio-political habits and invite participants to try alternatives. To develop my ideas, I look into theoretical concepts such as “Commoning” by Hardt and Negri and translate them into practices in public space. I am interested in passers-by and citizens of a neighbourhood as my audience and collaborators to make art accessible to a wide range of people. My goal is to invite people to imagine and practice together alternative ways of public life. I believe that Art is a space in that such explorations can happen. 

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BAK, Utrecht, BAK Public Studies Art: as Politics

2020 to 2021 

Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg, Research M.A., Performing Public Space

2015 to 2019 

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands, B.FA., Autonomous Fine Arts, Performance Studies

Leiden University, Netherlands, Sociology and Philosophy

2013 to 2015 

Freie Universität Berlin, Research M.S., Biochemistry



(upcoming) NEST, residency/participatory project, project by URGE Collective, collaboration with Anne Decker, Vittorio Campanella, Rita Carmo Martins, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg NL

(upcoming) Public Market Otherwise, residency/participatory project, collaboration with Holger Nickisch,  Bureau Postjesweg, Amsterdam NL

Neighbourhood of Commoning, residency/participatory project, collaboration with Pankaj Tiwari, About Us Festival, Zurich CH

Hello Stranger, workshop - performance, We Are Public, Amsterdam NL

Fireplace, participatory project, Haarlemmer square, collaboration with Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, Noah Voelker and Pankaj Tiwari, Amsterdam NL

Hello Stranger, workshop - performance, We are here, Gessnerallee, Zurich CH

Insqaure at Witte Rook, residency, collaboration with Pankaj Tiwari,  Witte Rook, Breda NL

Meet my Friends, participatory performance, Current Open Air, Current: a space, Amsterdam NL


Relevant Stories, participatory performance, Current in Quarantine, Current: a space, Amsterdam NL

about You, workshop-performance, A-Lonely Show, Sexyland, Amsterdam NL

about You, participatory performance, Hoodlabstories, Amsterdam NL

about You, participatory performance, Kifl The Kid Salon, Billytown, The Hague NL

Voice and Community, residency, Dhrupad Satsang, Bhopal, IN

Attack, participatory project, The Hague NL


The Present,  participatory performance, The Handshake, Hgtomi Rosa, The Hague NL

Food, participatory performance, Come as you are, Trixie, The Hague NL



City Space Architecture , active member of the advisory board on public space

Urge Collective, co-founder, international artist collective 


Insquare Foundation, co-founder, artists initiative, Amsterdam NL

ACTA, member, atelier broedplaats, Urban Resort, Amsterdam NL


Hgtomi Rosa, co-founder, artist initiative, The Hague NL

Haagse Kunstenaars, artist, The Hague NL



Balkonscènes Fund, Fonds Podium Kunsten for the participatory project Fireplace, NL



Insquare at Witte Rook, Witte Rook, Breda NL


About You, Staatliedenbuurt Magazine, Hoodlab, Amsterdam NL