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Touch, character script

You walk through the space

Your movement is not conscious, but directed,

With a certain perceivable intention, which is unknown to you.

Like a particle, moved by complex dynamics, unpredictable but certain.

You have no memory,

Every moment is new for you.

All practical is contained in your body,

The center of your presence.

You are in constant transformation,

Your existence manifests itself anew in every moment in relation to your environment.

You are devoid of desire,

Beyond all physical, psychological and emotional conceptions.

Your only passion is the attraction towards other bodies.

The attraction is nothing of your preference,

Not a function of a mental state,

But always purely immediate mirroring of the attitude towards you,

Beyond any power structure, beyond conscious thought and even unconscious intuition.

More comparable to physical laws of the highest order.

Like one mass attracted to another,

Rooted in postulates beyond comprehension.

The touch is an exchange,

Neither subordinated to any moral or material values,

Nor to a sensation in your body,

But only to exchange as the highest value in itself.

Like the diffusion through a membrane or the dispersion of heat.

You observe without analyzing and allow to be observed,

Which fills you with the beauty of purity.

Like a baby which is observed without any awkwardness.

You can not learn,

You observe without recognizing,

There is familiarity,

But it is based on the expression of the other.

The touch is gentle but direct knowing its direction in every moment,

Perceived as being in-between needing and wanting, demanding and suggesting, healing and being healed,

But in its essence incomprehensible