The Pit


No Border Camp, Rotterdam 2022

"Democracy is realized best when everyday people can and do mobilise their energies towards expanding their influence over the conditions of everyday life" Richard Gilman-Opalsky. 

A surely inspiring experience at the No Border Camp last week, a self organised action camp that brought together activists, musicians and artists from all over Europe to collectively reflect upon and take action against the issues of state governance, border politics and the unfair treatment of people on the move in the global west. 

The pit was a collective action on the camp with the aim to create and perform a space together. The squatted camp landscape allowed to realise that project of collective production of public space. Usually in our cities public space is strictly governed my authorities and specialists to support the established structure of the capitalist economy, aiming at safety, efficiency and profit. The pit aimed to be a collective action against such top down organisation by inviting the visitors to construct a space otherwise, by exploring the soil. Over the whole period of the camp we were digging together! In the soils we found artefacts that told the story of the landscape and clay that served as material for our imagination. In the evenings people read texts to the group, played music and organised workshops. For me the pit was an interesting space of vertical movement beyond national borders, a space of mystery and imagination and again a great practice of collective production of our environment. 

Thanks everyone for participating it was an inspiring time and I hope to continue digging in the future!


Oscar Galeev and Dimitri van den Wittenboer


No Border Camp