Performance Group, The Hague, 2018

The Performance Group is a group of people who came together to explore public performance. In several playful rehearsals we developed as small performance which we performed in several locations in the Hague and Rotterdam. We decided not to document the events to avoid any mistrust from the side of the participants. The performance was repeated with volunteers in Paris.

The Complaining Machine

In the first stage we were walking together in a circle to attract attention. The people were joining us and asking what this was about. We explained that this is a complaining machine. If they give us a complain we will amplify it for them to the world. After collecting some complains, we transformed into the second stage. The orator sits on the shoulders of the holder and shouts the complains, for example: "The Apples are too expensive!", the rest of the performers run around the holder and echo what the orator shouts into the public: "Too expensive, too expensive, too expensive!. After a while we come to the thirds stage, where everyone stands in a crowd back on back and we sing an improvised sound piece. Mostly people were joining us in the third stage. After some time we then go again to the first stage and so on.