Upcoming in 2022

Bookstore Project Space, Amsterdam

'Open' is a participatory project that transforms an art space into a public living room that is open 24/7. The project is a long-term collaboration with the artist Jan Dirk Adams and will be developed in different locations.  Our aim is to question established forms of private property by radically opening a space for collective ownership. We want to create an inclusive space that is based on negotiation and invites the all citizens to cultivate their agency in the creation of our living environment. We think that art has the potential to experiment with such an idea by playfully exploring, experimenting and allowing failure. Established institutions of the city miss such processes. As the start, we will initiate basic interior architecture and activities to invite citizens to “Open”, those can then be further developed by the visitors. We will host a daily free meal in the evening and a drawing/music workshop. Additionally, we will have a weekly event that has a clear topic such as a reading by a local writer, a screening of a film etc. Further, we want the space to become a safe environment where everyone can spend time with a feeling of home. The project will be documented by a collective photo album and a short documentary film. People from the art field are always welcome to come by. The final moment will be an open day where we will invite all participants and people form our artistic network. We will screen the documentary about the project, present the photo album and visitors will be able share their experiences in “Open” with each other. 

The first instance of Open is planned autumn 2022 in collaboration with the new project space of the “Bookstore Initiative” in Amsterdam in Slotervaart. 

 We see the location as a relevant opportunity to explore the concept of openness, private property and ownership of space through forms of social organization with people from various socio-political backgrounds. Throughout the project we are aiming at learning from the participants what “openness” means to them and how we can integrate their views on it into a collective running of a space.


Jan Dirk Adams 

Dimitri van den Wittenboer


Bookstore, Amsterdam


AFK, Amsterdam

Stroom, The Hague