April, 2021, Nothinginwalkingdistance, Eifel, Germany

The research weekend at Nothinginwalkingdistance served us to develop the structure of the INSQUARE and to work on the cultural program of it  for the next year in Amsterdam. 

Since Nothinginwalkingdistnance is part of the residency network of INSQUARE  we used the time to explore how the space can be used by artist in the future and what living conditions it offers.  Nothinginwalkingdistance is located on a farm . During our stay we revived an old oven that was build right after the Second World War and not used for many years.

For the sharing moment we have invited  Dries Van de Velde as a conversation partner. Dries shared his experiences with self-organised spaces that was inspiring for the development of the INSQUARE residency network.