Nest - Urge Collective

Upcoming, 2021

27th Oktober - 14th of November, 2021, Tilburg NL

Nest is a long-term, international project of the URGE Collective that brings the artistic approach of Listening & Learning to public spaces into the home cities of the members. A first try-out of NEST will be done in Tilburg, as the place where the URGE collective was founded. The project will be developed during a two-week residency in collaboration with Kunstpodium T and a local artist.


During our stay in Tilburg, we will establish relations with a specific neighborhood through daily presence and interactions on a public square. We will employ our individual artistic practices that include public speaking, storytelling, circus performance, scenography, music and visual art to engage with the neighborhood. We see this interaction as a dialogue between our artistic ideas, the space and the needs and interests of the people we meet there. The artistic outcomes will be the situations that emerge from these encounters. These situations are ephemeral, but they often leave traces in the space and the people. There might be a memory of a song that we composed together with passers-by, chalk- drawing on the asphalt, a visual documentation of a performance, or an object created collectively. We are going to explore how these traces can be brought into the exhibition space of Kunstpodium T as artistic artefacts. We are curious how the artefacts can tell the story about the experience in public space, open a dialogue with the local audience and also inspire us in the next steps of the work. We imagine an exhibition that will be a collage of video and sounds recordings, live performance, texts and objects. Throughout our stay, we will use the exhibition space of Kunstpodium T as an ongoing notebook of our public activities and we will organize several sharing moments of our process and outcomes. The audience will be the people who we meet during our work in the neighborhood and the art community. This exchange between the local life in a neighbourhood and an art-space is important to us in the attempt to embed art more in everyday life.



Anne Decker, Vittorio Campanella , Rita Carmo Martins ,  Dimitri van den Wittenboer


Anne Decker (artist), Vittorio Campanella (artists) , Rita Carmo Martins (artist),  Dimitri van den Wittenboer (artist)


Kunstpodium T, Tilburg NL


Kunstpodium T, Tilburg NL