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My idea is to make relations emerge out of the situation naturally. This means that I follow the ideas which the participant has. The work happens on the level of human interaction, it is therefore not easily documentable through image, and also this documentation would break the independence of the interaction, making it into a business relationship: I give you a mandarine if I can take a picture of eating it. Therefore I wrote down some small stories of what has happened instead.

(The names in the following stories are changed)

Britta (Amsterdam):

Britta: Why are you doing this?

Me: I am an artist. Through giving you something for free, I created an uncommon situation and challenge our social reality.

Britta: If you want people to take the mandarines you should put them on the bench and people can come and take.

Me: Do you want to help me do it?

We put the mandarines on the bench and Britta starts attracting people who are passing by to take one, we do not have much success.

Sascha (The Hague):

Sasha (after taking a mandarine) : I like what you are doing! (To a passing girl) Hey do you want a mandarine?

Girl: No thanks!

Me: Sasha you need the outfit, otherwise people will not trust you!

Sasha tries again a few times and fails again.

Me: At least take the cap! 

Sasha takes the cap and the bag and continues asking people, now some of them take it.

After he leaves he comes back with two pack of ice cream, we eat it together and talk about the corona virus.