About Insquare 

Insquare is a collective founded by Pankaj Tiwari and Dimitri van den Wittenboer.  We facilitate a space for interdisciplinary collaborations that is based on the values of sharing, negotiation and redistribution of resources.

Our aim is to create structures that are based on commoning by rethinking the way we live together in our society. Our objective is to generate and redistribute physical space, financial resources and knowledge. Our goal is to create parallel infrastructures, laws and institutions and make them participatory and inclusive. We believe that to practically counter precarity, exploitation, expropriation, and racism the cultural sector needs to start working together. 

We are frustrated with the existing market oriented structures that are based on competition and hierarchical power relations in the cultural field. Funding systems that are built on neoliberal politics and didactic educational systems based on competition, individualism and exclusion. 

Four Pillars of Insquare 

As a collective and a cultural organisation we ask the following questions:

How can we as cultural workers become independent of the market and the state funding?

How can we creative sustainable prototypes?

How can we operate according to our own values and make our own discourses?

We aim to explore this question on four different levels, the Pillars of Insquare: space, knowledge, finance and artistic interventions by creating prototypes and trying them out. 

Research Weekends

INSQuaRE organises monthly research weekend  at various locations to explore commoning as an artistic methodology to imagine and create prototypes of alternative social structures and institutions.

The last day of the residency is the time when we open our research to the public in the format of a conversation with a guest. We also invite the audience to share their work and to discuss the topic of alternative organisation of space.