A collection of texts, videos, websites etc which have inspired me and might inspire you

- A recording of Happening pour conjurer l'esprit de catastrophe by the French artist Jean Jacques Lebel restaged for the pseudo documentary Malamondo (1964) by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Paolo Cavara. (LINK)

- Article about a Major in Bogotá, Columbia, who was turning the city in an artistic experiment (LINK). One of his ideas was to use mimes for traffic control (LINK).

- An experimental public city space in Lörrach (Germany) which is open to be designed by the citizens. (LINK)

- David Harvey’s (professor of anthropology and geography in the NYU) full video reading of Marx’s Capital (LINK)

- Suhail Malik’s (professor at Goldsmith) lecture Contemporary Art, Neoliberal Enforcer (LINK)

- 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, panel discussion Post-contemporary Art (LINK)

- Suhail Malik’s (professor at Goldsmith) lecture 'Contemporary Art → Ex-art: Retro-transfiguration Into the Commonplace' (LINK)

- “Situations” Public Art project series curated by Claire Doherty, UK 2004-2017 (LINK)


Van den Berg, Karen et al. The art of direct action, 2019

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Bishop, Claire, Artificial hells: Participatory art and the politics of spectatorship, 2012 Bishop, Claire, Participation, 2006

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Rappaport, Roy, Ritual and religion in the making of humanity, 1999

Artaud, Antonin, "The theatre of cruelty" The theory of the modern stage, 1968

Harvey, David, Rebel cities: From the right to the city to the urban revolution, 2012

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