Hello Stranger


Hello Stranger is an artistic research project that is developed in collaboration with the Performing Public Space research program of the Fontys University, Tilburg. The research addresses the growing individualisation of European city-centres by imagining and performing an alternative and participatory public space. In terms of this project  “being in public” involves appearing to strangers, actively engaging with strangers and being approachable for strangers. Especially now, in time of the Covid-19 pandemic, spontaneous encounters with people who do not know are decreasing. Throughout the research several workshops and participatory activities  were developed and performed in city.

The Public News is a participatory performance creates moments of discussion among strangers through reading  and writing of local news. Passers-by are invited to discuss the topics, and to add news-topics that they think are relevant.


Dimitri van den Wittenboer (artist); 

Erik Kamaletdinov (photographer)

Anastasija Pirozenko (cinematographer)


We Are Here, Gessnerallee, Zurich; Haarlemmer square, Amsterdam.


We Are Public (NL); Gessnerallee, Zurich; Current a Space, Amsterdam; Performing Public Space, Tilburg University.

Relevant Stories is a participatory performance in public space that invited the passers-by to discuss the topic of the new abortion rule in Poland. The conversations were started by telling a story about a fried in Poland who went throught struggle of an abortion.

The performance addresses the potential of the city to act as a space  were relevant narratives can be created and shared. The personal encounter with strangers in public space open  a moment of collective discourse and meaning creation.

The actions were performed on a public square in Amsterdam during the Current in Quarantine, by Current: a space that was dedicated to the topic of the abortion conflict in Poland. The performers were taking visitors of the event by hand and together approaching passers-by to tell the story and start the discussion.


Dimitri van den Wittenboer (artist)

Leyla de Muynck (performer)


Current in Quarantine, Current: a space, Amsterdam

Meet my friends is a participatory performance that invites random passers-by in a public park to meet each other.  

The performance addresses the difficulty to meet strangers due to the ongoing covid-19 restrictions by creating moments of encounters that can be a short conversation, a discussion or a start of a deeper relationship.

The work was presented during the Current Open Air, event by Current: a space that took place in the Westerpark in Amsterdam. Dresses in a the outfit of a jogger Dimitri was approaching passers-by and inviting them to meet one of his friends who are in the park. If the passer-by agreed Dimitri introduced them to one of the visitors of the event.


Dimitri van den Wittenboer (artist)

Amirtharaj Stephen (photographer)


Current Open Air, Current: a space, Amsterdam