Fireplace Paf


Performing Arts Forum, St Erme, France 

During my one month stay at the artist residency Paf in St Erme, I have been engaging with the local communities and resources to build a fire stove and to prepare a wild boar goulash. On the last day we have organized a final gathering around the fireplace with the people from the village and the artist community of Paf. 

Paf is an artist residency that brings together a vast variety of people from all over the world who come to the small village in France to work on their projects and to exchange with peers. I was curious how the villagers see paf and if they would be interested to engage with the artists.

The project was directed towards exploring the neighborhood by visiting places were people gather and engage with the local activities. The aim was to evolve people into the organisation of a collective activity at Paf where different communities meet. Artist in residence form Paf engaged in finding clay in the forest and making and paining the stove. The local library helped with spreading the word, inviting people and with finding a recipe for the meal. The village bar was used as a space to build relations to the citizens. The major helped to connect to the local hunting association who donated the meat. 

In the end all elements came together


Dimitri van den Wittenboer


Hunting association de Montaigu, FR

Public Library St Erme, FR

Bar, Le Cap Vert, St Erme, FR

People from St. Erme, FR

PAF artists in residence, St. Erme, FR

PAF, St. Erme, FR

Joining the local knitting club

Public library St Erme

Engaging with people in the village bar.

Digging clay in the forest 

Making a clay/hay mix for the stove

Finished clay oven, 

ainted by the artist Rafel Visilijev 

Hunter Christoph shows us how to skin a boar

People bring veggies vor the goulash from their gardens 

Final gathering with the villagers and residents of paf