City Market otherwise

Upcoming 2021/22

4.10 - 21.11. 2021,  Allebéplein, Amsterdam  NL

April - June,  2022,  Allebéplein, Amsterdam  NL

Referring to a city square market as a space for public life I want to ask the question: “How could we perform the city market otherwise - beyond leisure and consumption?”. I see the city square as a site for gathering and collective action: learning from each other, debating communal matters and sharing.

The “City Market Otherwise” will be a series of weekly public events on the Allebéplein organised by an assembly of local citizens in the months April, Mai and June 2022.  The starting question will be, what sort of collectivity are we missing in our public life in the neighbourhood? Artistically and based on my long-term research on the assembly, I am going to explore what non-commercial collective actions can be performed on a city square. To transform the square according to our ideas we will use market tents as temporary architectural structures in an alternative way by reshaping them in their arrangement and aesthetics. 

One central part of the project will be the exploration of how artistic artefacts of the weekly public events can enter the exhibition space of Bureau Postjesweg. We imagine a pro-active exhibition in that for example the tent construction will be periodically build up in the art space to foster a dialogue with an audience and then again used for the next public event. In that way a relation will be established between Bureau Postjesweg and the Allebéplein.

Tryout - Residency 

A first tryout of the project will be done in form of a three weeks residency at Bureau Postjesweg  in the time of 4th -  21th of October, 2021 with a following exhibition opening  on the 21st.

In this time I will build the first relations  with the neighbourhood by finding spaces where I am welcome to join collective activities.  At the same time a prototype of the market stand will be build in collaboration with Holger Nickisch and the first collective gatherings organised with people from the neighbourhood.

Prototype drawings

Public Gathering at August Allebéplein



Holger Nickisch, Dimitri van den Wittenboer


Holger Nickisch  (artist, curator),

Dimitri van den Wittenboer (artist),  Anastasija Pirozenko (cinematographer)


Bureau Postjesweg NL


Bureau Postjesweg NL

Market stand in the exhibition space as an artistic artefact and learning object