Boiling Room is a project that creates a shared space of collectivity through communal cooking. The project is initiated to support people from and in war regions. During the cooking, we run a Live Stream with images from the kitchen, artistic intervention, interviews, and music. With our content, we aim to address relevant topics of current global conflict. The live stream serves us to raise donations for independent initiatives of people in Ukraine, working on the borders and all across Europe to help those in need. After every cooking session, we have a collective meal together with all participants. We see the cooking sessions as moment of collectivity where people who have arrived to Berlin from war regions can gather together with locals to exchange contacts and build relationships in a homely atmosphere.

Boiling Room is participatory self-organised voluntary project that is run collectively by a growing group of more than 100 people from various backgrounds and professions.


Boiling Room Collective


ZK/U “Towards a shimmer on the horizon series”,

Flutgraben Berlin

KBK Brussels

Floating University Berlin

After the Butcher Gallery

(“Common Joy isn’t for us” exhibition)

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Collecting groceries for collective cooking at Berliner Tafel

Art in my opinion is an attitude towards a material as a subject. An attitude that is based on openness, curiosity and negotiation. In social work the employees often offer a service to a target group. Such projects are goal oriented, well planned and have a clear separation between the service taker and service giver. What is missing is spontaneity, openness to the circumstances and the potential of failure. Elements that I think are important to feel agency as a participant in a process. This is what Boiling Room is about: we want to come together as equals. Often after a short moment of chaos where everyone is slightly lost, somehow the collective intelligence clicks and everything falls in place. One just has to trust in it. So, is this art? I think yes. If Boiling Room would be organised by a social institution it would be more managed to make it safer and more efficient, and it would lose what I think is the central point of community: its spontaneity and its beautiful messiness where the focus is on people and not on outcomes. Maria comes to us after the session and says, this is not like any other thing we have gone to, this feels like home. Yes, home is where you feel agency and where you are an equal part of the family, and this is how I see an artistic process and Boiling Room

Conversation with Vitsche Berlin

Poetry and conversation with Natalia Yeromenko