Artist Statement 

In my work I am interested in the question of how we live together in the contemporary society. Nowadays our world is mostly organized according the neoliberal values of growth, efficiency and profit. Our socio-political environment is designed and governed by authorities and experts and the socialist alternative is demonized with the reference to suppression of individuals in the past Soviet and todays China. I see the field of art as a potential to explore an alternative way of living together, to imagine and practice social interactions and use of resources that are based on values of sharing, equality and bottom-up self-organization. I am for an art that stands outside of the established structures and allows such explorations. My main focus is on long term projects that invite people to construct space together and to think about ways how it can be organized and performed beyond the values of capital. 


2020 to 2021     

Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Research M.A., Performing Public Space, Tilburg NL

2015 to 2019     

Royal Academy of Art, B.FA., Autonomous Fine Arts, The Hague NL

Leiden University, Philosophy, Leiden NL



(upcoming) 100 Apple Trees, participatory project, Reclaiming the Seeds, Nijmegen NL


(upcoming) Open, participatory project, Bookstore project space, Amsterdam NL

 The Pit, participatory project, No Border Camp, Rotterdam NL

City Market Otherwise, participatory project, Bureau Postjesweg, Amsterdam NL

Boiling Room, self-organised project, Flutgraben, Berlin DE

Peace Kiosk, participatory performance, Maydan Festival, Amsterdam NL

Fireplace, participatory project, PAF, St. Emre FR


NEST, participatory project, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg NL

City Market Otherwise - tryout, participatory project, Bureau Postjesweg, Amsterdam NL

Neighbourhood of Commoning, participatory project, About Us Festival, Zurich CH

Fireplace, participatory project, Haarlemmer square, Amsterdam NL

Hello Stranger, workshop - performance, We are here, Gessnerallee, Zurich CH

Insqaure at Witte Rook, residency, Witte Rook, Breda NL

Meet my Friends, participatory performance, Current: a space, Amsterdam NL


Relevant Stories, participatory performance, Current: a space, Amsterdam NL    

about You, workshop, A-Lonely Show, Sexyland, Amsterdam NL

about You, participatory performance, Kifl The Kid Salon, Billytown, The Hague NL

Voice and Community, residency, Dhrupad Satsang, Bhopal IN

Attack, participatory project, The Hague NL


The Present, participatory performance, The Handshake, Hgtomi Rosa, The Hague NL

Food, participatory performance, Come as you are, Trixie, The Hague NL


Spinner und Weber, cultural foundation, co-organiser, Berlin DE

PAF - Performing Art Forum, artist residency, co-organiser, St. Erme FR

Nothinginwalkingdistance, artists residency, founder, Bellscheid DE

Bookstore Project, project space, member, Amsterdam NL

Bureau Postjesweg, project space, member, Amsterdam NL

City Space Architecture, international foundation, member of the advisory board on public space, Bologna IT



AFK, Project Fund, Open, Amsterdam NL

Stroom the Hague, Project Pro Fund, Open, The Hague NL 

VSB Fonds, City Market Otherwise, Amsterdam NL

Huis van de Wijk - Nieuw West, City Market Otherwise, Amsterdam NL

Fonds voor Nieuw West, City Market Otherwise, Amsterdam NL

AFK, City Market Otherwise, received through Bureau Postjesweg, Amsterdam NL 

Performing Arts Forum, Fireplace, St. Erme FR


Loven-Besterd, Art Parade, Tilburg NL

Balkonscènes Fund, Fonds Podium Kunsten. Fireplace, Amsterdam NL


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