100 Apple Trees

Upcoming 2023

Reclaim the Seeds Festival, Nijmegen 2023

“Reclaim the Seeds Festival” in Nijmegen  is a resistance event that brings together a broad variety of artists, activist and academics to address the enclosure of the rights to the seeds in European union and by that caused homogenization of the biodiversity of plants. I am interested to participate related to my interest in the commons. I think that shaping of the ecological environment in the cities can be as well as collective bottom-up process. I was always curious about why we do not have fruit trees in the cities in the Netherlands. My project 100 Apple trees will address this from a variety of perspectives. I will breed native apple tree seedlings that will be adopted by visitors of the festival in spring and planted in a collective action thoughout the city of Nijmegen in autumn.  The seeds are taken from apples that were provided by the native fruit tree orchard of the POM collective in Beemster.


Dimitri van den Wittenboer


Reclaim the Seeds Nijmegen NL


POM collective Nijmegen